Welcome to the VBL Group

The VBL Group is a fully integrated property company.  Our activities encompass acquisition, development and management of real estate exclusively in Valletta, Malta. Our portfolio and opportunities for investment are as unique as our location- Valletta is the capital of Malta, the EUs most rapidly developing economy and the OECDs fastest growing real estate market.

Why Malta? 

Malta’s stable political system and exciting economic prospects have attracted the largest relative increase in population of any EU member state, increasing by over 15 times the EU average.  The vast majority of these foreigners are in professional and executive level employment.  This increase, combined with a 17% year on year jump in tourism, has fuelled consistent growth in property values across the island, with Valletta seeing up to 8-fold increases in prices per sqm over the past 7 years.

Why Valletta?

‘Valletta is a city of palaces, built by gentlemen for gentlemen’ – Benjamin Disraeli, British Prime Minister (1880s).

Built overlooking the deepest natural harbour in Europe, the walled city of Valletta is a majestic and awe-inspiring sight.  As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is protected from incongruous developments, maintaining an architectural harmony that embraces its rich history and 16th century origins.  It’s physical position on a peninsula jutting into the Mediterranean prevents further development, thus ensuring that demand outstrips the supply of quality property. 

Significant investment from the EU has seen the new parliament building designed by Renzo Piano and the renovation of Fort St Elmo.  2018 marked Valletta’s year as the European Capital of Culture fuelling increased tourism including Cruise ships which regularly populate the Grand Harbour.  New bars, restaurants and hotels are constantly appearing in the city and it has become a hub for cultured night-life.

What We Do - Valletta as our Product

As the dominant player in Valletta’s real estate market, VBL Group combines a comprehensive knowledge of the local market with an innovative business model integrating property acquisition, development and management.  Using economies of scale to minimise expenditure whilst maintaining cash-flows from selling, renting and managing properties, VBL with zero bank debt since foundation, and still has seen consistent growth over the past 7 years.  Unique access to a supply of further acquisitions will lead to substantially expand the VBL property portfolio in the future and growth from the surging property market in Valletta is expected to continue. 

With a strong track record from day one, VBL’s continued profitability demonstrates the success of its unique development concept and is a testament to its highly professional and integrated team.  


Valletta Stay

As one of the leading rental agencies in Malta, VREM successfully embraces VBL Group’s core values: an exclusive focus on Valletta, a commitment to professionalism and astute management of properties. The VREM rental portfolio includes 23 self-catering apartments as well as hostel accommodation, thus catering for a range of travelers and budgets.   Guests are supported throughout their stay by the VREM team whose job is to ensure the highest quality of accommodation and service.  

54 Marsamxett Road - Valletta VLT 1853
 +356 2713 3344  customercare@vbl.com.mt


The Gut

Christened ‘The Gut’ by British sailors back in the 1960s, the infamous lower part of Strait Street in Valletta, the old red light district, was an alley full of notorious hangouts.  After over 50 years of neglect, “The Gut” is being rejuvenated by the VBL Group who have invested in a lavish gastro-retail project combining the spirit of the 1920s with modern fine dining, live music and dancing.  VBL’s commitment to maintaining the architectural integrity of the original buildings makes this a truly authentic and opulent spot for an evening’s entertainment.

91-99 Strait Street - Valletta
 +356 2713 3344  info@vbl.com.mt

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