Compliance Manager

Position summary:

The Compliance Manager is responsible for the administrative housekeeping of the property assets held by the Company (owned or managed), ensuring proper compliance towards public entities, including utility providers, registrars and any other requirement deemed fit by the BoD. Furthermore, the Compliance Manager will ensure all Assets are physically secure, and cause least liabilities to the Company through mis-management or negligence. The Compliance Manager will act and take all steps required in the best interest of the Company as to ensure best practice procedures in managing the Comapny’s property assets.

Duties and responsibilities:

Administrative Compliance;

  • Ensuring purchase contract is duly registered and a true copy of the original is filed in the appropriate VBL file.
  • Obtaining all necessary documentation required for the purchase of real estate, including, land registry plans, UCA certificates, PA permits and any other document which might be required from time to time.
  • Ensuring property purchased by the Company which falls within registration area is duly registered in the Land Registry within 3 months of purchase of the property.
  • Keeping appropriate records of property status, including state of possession, physical state, planning status, utility status and other relevant information which will be beneficial for the Company.
  • Planning – Assisting in the obtaining of PA permits, MTA permits and other necessary requirement for operation.

Safe Keeping

  • Ensuring that every asset is suitably closed and safe from any intruder. 2 sets of keys are to be kept, one with the Asset Manager and one with the General Manager at all times. 
  • Allowing access to the Company real estate assets to VBL employees and service providers when necessary.
  • Ensuring locks and key are changed within 7 days from purchase of property or regaining of possession from tenants.

Government Entities and Utility Companies

  • Where necessary, communicate with Government entities and utility companies as to assist VBL in it’s daily operations.
  • Keep a record of all utilities present within VBL’s property, both registered under VBL or any third party.
  • Keep a regular and clear record of utility consumption within VBL’s property.
  • Handle applications for installing, removing or transferring of any utility within property owned or managed by VBL.

Tenancy Issues

  • Assisting the General Manager in the re-possession of tenanted property, including re-location of tenants, sourcing alternative accomodation, and negotiating and reaching favourable deals with said tenants.
  • Keeping records of payments due by tenants and assisiting the General Manager in collecting overdue payments.


  • Handle viewings of properties for sale or to let where necessary

  • Assist in the administrative side of sales and marketing

The Gut

  • Collect quotes for various needs of the Association
  • Assist in the administrative side of sales and marketing
  • Organize meetings and keep minutes of the meeting.
  • Act as point of contact on behalf of the administrator.


  • Assist the General Manager and the Executive Committee in fulfilling their tasks when required.
  • To cover any role within VBL Group and/or any of its affiliate companies which might be required from time to time upon instruction by the Executive Commitee.
  • The above is non meant to be an exhaustive list and new tasks and/or requirements might be necessary from time to time.
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